A Zoning Certificate is a confirmation that a particular land use or structure is allowed under the Zoning Code.

Zoning Certificates are typically required if you are starting a new use or changing an existing use, building a structure or starting a business. For example, you might need a Zoning Certificate when:

  • Applying for a business license or building permit.
  • Adding some types of accessory buildings, such as a garage or shed.
  • Constructing a small, single-story residential addition.
  • Proposing a minor, interior remodel.
  • Starting a new business.
  • Title clearance
  • For loan purpose

More complex projects or projects which do not meet existing zoning standards may require an Administrative Use Permit or Use Permit.

We help and assist clients to get Zoning Certificate Copy from government department at Ahmedabad if original or photocopy is not available with seller of the property.

Zoning Certificate Copy required for the title clearance and for the loan prospectus.

Kindly contact us for more information.

Time duration : minimum 10 working days with all formalities

Charges : depends upon categories case, area, ward and time of construction with basic information of the property. Government fee will be separate.

Associated services of qualified team of skilled professionals/ advocates will be rendered in some cases.

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