Complains or grievances can be registered for deficiency in services or negligence of duties by the person, entity, private companies, institutes, hospitals, service sector companies, public sector companies, FMCG companies, Insurance companies, Banks, NBFCs government, Semi-government departments.

We help and assist clients to submit or registered the complaint, /follow-up and solutions by mediation or litigation under competent jurisdiction till end for mental and financial loss.

Type of the complaints and grievances depend upon the case, kindly contact us for more information.

Time duration : Depends upon the complaint minimum 3 working days.

Charges : Minimum 5000/- Depends upon categories, subject, documents, applicable laws and entity as self,trust or company, partnership, pvt ltd or ltd. Government fee will be separate.

Associated services of qualified team of skilled professionals/ advocates will be rendered in some cases.

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